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Welcome to Harrar Cafe, where the journey of coffee begins with a seed, a bean, and a commitment to excellence. We are more than just a coffee shop; we are a roasting house dedicated to delivering exceptional coffee experiences for every moment of your day, whether it's a brisk morning or a leisurely afternoon.

From Seed to Cup

Our coffee journey begins with the humble coffee bean, cultivated in the world's richest soils and nurtured by skilled artisan farmers until the moment of harvest. It's here that the magic starts. Our Master Blenders take the reins, carefully curating the beans to craft only the highest-quality blends, each designed to satisfy every coffee lover's perfect moment.

A Global Coffee Adventure

Coffee may have been born in Ethiopia, but at Harrar Cafe, we invite you to embark on a global tour of coffee flavors without leaving your seat. Our beans hail from Ethiopia, Kenya, Peru, and Colombia, each offering a unique taste of its origin.

Ethiopia - Where Coffee Began

In the heart of Ethiopia, coffee grows wild, producing a diverse range of flavors. Our beans are processed using both natural and pulped methods, resulting in bright, fruity, and floral notes for those who crave a vibrant cup or a more rustic, authentic taste for connoisseurs.

Our love for Harrar coffee beans inspired our name. Grown in Harar's Eastern highlands, these beans offer a tantalizing chocolaty aroma with layers of berries and spice, delivering a complex, full-bodied cup akin to fine wine.

Amaro coffee, carefully tended by the remarkable Ethiopian female miller, Asnakech Thomas, delights with a sonata of baking spices and aromatic woods.

Yirgacheffee coffee from the Gedeo Zone boasts medium to light body Arabica beans known for their sweet, spicy, and fragrant qualities, often with hints of chocolate or nuts.

Our Ethiopian tour concludes in the Sidamo Province, savoring Ethiopia Sidamo with its deep, spicy, and wine or chocolate-like taste, accompanied by a floral aroma and bright, crisp citrus notes.

Kenya - The Aromas of Africa

Kenya, the second-largest producer of quality Arabica in Africa, brings aromas of blackberries, grapefruit, and lemon rind to your cup.

Colombia - A Coffee Paradise

Colombia, famed for its high-quality Arabica coffee, brings its finest beans from the Coffee Triangle to your palate, a true delight for coffee lovers.

Peru - Traditional Excellence

Peru, home to over 110,000 coffee growers, most of whom are indigenous, is rapidly gaining global recognition for producing shade-grown, high-quality Arabica beans in the traditional way.

At Harrar Cafe, We Roast to Release the Flavors

Here at Harrar Cafe, we take our beans and release their hidden flavors through the art of roasting. To ensure the freshest taste, we only roast your beans when you order them. We recommend enjoying our coffee within a few weeks and grinding your beans just before brewing to preserve the full spectrum of flavors.

Our Signature Blends

For a smoother taste, explore our Sibune, Yirhama, and Haruva blends. These carefully crafted blends showcase the natural flavors of our beans without any overshadowing from the roasting process.

Authentic Origins

If authenticity is your pursuit, our medium and special roasts offer the closest taste to each bean's distinct origin and terroir. Discover delicious notes, ranging from lemongrass to bell peppers.

Dark and Exquisite

For those seeking exquisite flavors without the green acidic notes, our dark blends feature flavors like dark cherry, plum, and black pepper, making them perfect for espresso-based drinks.

Your Perfect Coffee Awaits

Don't hesitate to speak with our knowledgeable staff to find the coffee that perfectly suits your palate. We're here to make every moment with Harrar Cafe a memorable one.

Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey through the world of coffee. Click here to shop.